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Classic Trunk with Fly &
Classic Trunk with Fly &
Classic Trunk with Fly &
Classic Trunk with Fly &
Classic Trunk with Fly &
Classic Trunk with Fly &

Classic Trunk with Fly 'Ukrainian Series' Black

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✔ Open horizontal fly
✔ 95% Cotton / 5% Lycra
✔ 180 GSM fabric weight

✔ Nuts are not pressed against the hip
✔ Reduced temperatures and improved ventilation
✔ Inseam 4 inches


Ukrainian Anatomic Boxers Classic

The history of the development of underwear with Ukrainian symbols goes beyond the war period. Since 2021, we have received many requests from clients to create a design that would tell everyone in the world that this is lingerie from Ukraine. And they began to try to translate this request into reality.

At that time, we planned to launch a line of underwear with a tag in the form of the flag of Ukraine, but no matter how much we tried, we understood more that this superficial solution was not enough and the flag should not be placed on underwear.
We decided to develop the design of an elastic band and a tag with Ukrainian symbols and began to study what is historically true Ukrainian symbols, after rereading a huge amount of literature and articles, we came to the conclusion that the ancient Ukrainian national code is sewn up in Ukrainian embroidery, in Ukrainian ornaments, the history of which goes back more than 500 years. Then began a complex process of selecting symbols that would reflect the values of the brand, these symbols became:

The Tree of Life is one of the most ancient symbols of life and a combination of Earth and Sky. Harmonizes every creature on Earth. It also reflects the model of the Universe, the division into the other world, earthly life and the heavenly kingdom, it is a symbol of the past, present and future. It contains the idea of procreation, life.
Oak - a symbol of male energy, strong vitality, invincibility. In pagan times, he was a symbol of the god Perun, who was the most important, formidable and powerful god.
The eagle is a symbol of wisdom, a symbol of the Almighty. Since ancient times, the eagle has been considered a symbol of wisdom, a symbol of the Almighty, and the greatness of the eagle was recognized by all the peoples on whose territory this bird lived.
The octagonal star is the most powerful symbol-amulet of the all-penetrating pure energy of Creation. It is also believed that it symbolizes the reunion of the male and female principles.
Rhombus is a symbol of masculine and feminine principles. Rhombuses occupy a significant place among all symbols - amulets. Ornaments with rhombuses were a strong protective amulet, bringing good luck. According to ancient Slavic culture, rhombuses represent the goddess of the Earth, who promotes fertility.
After we worked on the choice of color, which also matters. It turned out to be light gray, which is the most neutral color, symbolizing readiness for pure emotions and contacts.
And then the stage of work with designers began, who could bring our ideas and selected symbols to life in one field. The task turned out to be difficult, because many designers tried to implement it for several months.
And finally, we have embodied the chosen design into a product. We wanted something more, we created it, a product that reflects our values, faith in the free Ukrainian people, who can overcome any obstacles.
Ukrainian anatomic boxers classic is men's anatomical underwear with one big difference - it is an elastic band with elements of Ukrainian embroidery, each of which has its own sacred meaning, even the color was chosen according to the meaning. It is also worth noting that, at the request of customers, a more elastic elastic band was made in this model.
At the moment, the model is presented in two colors: black and green.

Customer Reviews

Based on 207 reviews
Rafael A Urquiza A
The product is good, but the sale was misleading

I bought a package of boxers to be sent to Canada, I was always aware of the high price of shipping and I agreed, but I expected to receive a package of 3 units for $30 dollars, not just an individual boxer, the receipt of a Only boxer discouraged me.

My intention was to support a Ukrainian company at this time, but I also don't like to feel like my good will is being abused.

Dave in Colorado USA
Best underwear yet!

I've been wearing Man's Set for 3 years now. I won't wear anything else. The tag is scratchy and the new style fly being tilted to the right, I don't like. Other than that... The complete separate pouch for the "set", absolutely the BEST!

Timothy Hazel

Boxer Briefs 2.0 with Fly 'Black Series' Dark blue

Timothy Hazel

I love your underwear, however, I didn't get red, it was purple.

Scott Carr
They sent the wrong color.

I ordered blue. They sent black. Love the product but no response when I alerted them to the mistake. But, other than that issue, I strongly recommend.

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