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Sport Trunks with Fly &
Sport Trunks with Fly &
Sport Trunks with Fly &
Sport Trunks with Fly &
Sport Trunks with Fly &
Sport Trunks with Fly &

Sport Trunks with Fly 'Black Series' Dark emerald

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✔ Elastic band around the legs prevents
    boxers from bouncing
✔ Open horizontal fly
✔ 95% Cotton / 5% Lycra
✔ 180 GSM fabric weight

✔ Reduced temperatures and improved ventilation
✔ Elastics on the hip, ideal for sports
✔ 3.5 inches inseam


Men’s anatomic Sport Trunks with Fly 'Black Series' for sports

Sport Trunks with Fly 'Black Series' is an underwear line designed specifically for sports. The cutout of these boxers has a special soft elastic band on a leg that prevents them from rolling and giving the legs a feeling of tone. Putting on Sport Trunks with Fly 'Black Series' you no longer have to set them while training.

The anatomic boxers are designed as an underwear with a special extension pouch allowing male organs to be positioned naturally. Such a cutout of the boxer shorts solves a problem faced by many men, namely, feeling discomfort in any position. 

With Sport Trunks with Fly 'Black Series' you can put an end to any inconvenience. When moving, running or walking, there is no contact between the male organs and the body. This helps to lower the scrotal temperature, which is very good for men’s health.

The custom designed cutout of the anatomic boxers improves ventilation, minimizes sweating and completely eliminates friction between the legs.

Sport Trunks with Fly 'Black Series' have a positive effect for men, as they:

  • are beneficial for potency;
  • play into the increase in testosterone production;
  • improve reproductive function.

The anatomic boxers are made of natural fabric that makes them particularly soft and lightweight. The underwear is very nice to the feel and doesn’t have any seams on either side of the boxers.

Anatomic Boxers make a man look much sexier as his man parts look naturally in a free position. Nature brought them outside for a reason, namely, for maintaining the temperature there 2-3 degrees C below the body temperature. This brings testosterone production back to normal and improves reproductive function.

Customer Reviews

Based on 207 reviews
Rafael A Urquiza A
The product is good, but the sale was misleading

I bought a package of boxers to be sent to Canada, I was always aware of the high price of shipping and I agreed, but I expected to receive a package of 3 units for $30 dollars, not just an individual boxer, the receipt of a Only boxer discouraged me.

My intention was to support a Ukrainian company at this time, but I also don't like to feel like my good will is being abused.

Dave in Colorado USA
Best underwear yet!

I've been wearing Man's Set for 3 years now. I won't wear anything else. The tag is scratchy and the new style fly being tilted to the right, I don't like. Other than that... The complete separate pouch for the "set", absolutely the BEST!

Timothy Hazel

Boxer Briefs 2.0 with Fly 'Black Series' Dark blue

Timothy Hazel

I love your underwear, however, I didn't get red, it was purple.

Scott Carr
They sent the wrong color.

I ordered blue. They sent black. Love the product but no response when I alerted them to the mistake. But, other than that issue, I strongly recommend.

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